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Tagged by YanYan

Starting time : 5:11pm (Coinceidence! My Birthday =P)
Name :
Sisters : Nil (im the only daughter)
Brothers : 3
Shoe size : 7 1/2
Height : 168cm

Where do you live : Police HQ, Gadong
Favourite drinks : Heaven & Earth Jasmine Tea
Favourite breakfast : keripap

Have you ever been on a plane : yea...
Swam in the ocean : no but i can swim tho...
Fallen asleep at school : ehem... yea...
Broken someone's heart : errrrr..... =P this question ah...

Fell of your chair : ermmm nearly jua... berimalu~
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : yup!
Saved emails : yup!

What is your room like : small room with painted with purple =)
what's right beside you : my Razr2 V9
what is the last thing you ate : Katam Goreng

Ever had chicken pox : yea... when i was in primary one =)
Sore throat : errrr... bila ah? hehe
Stitches : nada
Broken nose : never... gigit someone's nose ada haha

PAUSED kajap ah =P

Do you believe in love at first sight : love at first sight? nahhh...
Like picnics : uh-huh...
Who was/were the last person/people you danced with : the last person...i think with my brother while watching Randy Jackson presents: America's Best Dance Crew...
last made you smile : drg c pjah thru webcam hahah drg kedgran berasin =)

You last yelled at : i can't remember

Today did you :
Talk to someone you like : nope...
Kiss anyone : yea.. my aunty rose's daughter kekek
Get sick : not yet haha
Talk to an ex : nada lah
Miss someone : yea... yea... yea... heheh
Eat : yeap

Best feeling in the world : happiness
Do you sleep with stuffed animal : uh-huh~
What's under your bed : shoes and tabung duit harharhar...
Who do you really hate : its my biz... should i?
What time is it now : 10.50pm

Random :
Is there a person who is on your mind now : yea...
Do you have any siblings : yeap...
Do you want children : absolutely... yes~
Do you smile often : depends...
Do you like your handwriting : yeap... basar jua fonts nya my handwriting kekeke
Are your toe nails painted : nope
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : anyone, as long as it is clean and comfy =)
What colour shirt are you wearing now : pyjamas keke
What were you doing at 7pm yesterday : at ATM
When did you cry last : ermmmm....
Are you a friendly person : let me judge myself... kadang-kadang lah =P
Do you have any pets : ada tikus! haha nada lah... no pets here...
Where is the person you have feeling right now : maybe sleeping...
Did the last person you held your hand with mean anything to you now : hiyo...
Do you sleep with the TV on : nope
What are you doing right now : eating maggi curry, thinking and answering questions ah...
Have you ever crawled through a window : nope
Can you handle the truth : yea..
Are you too forgiving : what do you expect? basically, yea... forgive and forget. iakah? LoLz
Are you close to your mother or father : both of them...
Who was the last person you cried in front of : jeng jeng jeng... i can't remember
How many people can you say you've really loved : should i count? im feeling it... haha
Do you eat healthy : well... it depends... mun craving sudah, im not thinking of healthy food =)
Do you still have pictures of you&your ex : la la la la la...
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you : yea...
If you're having a bad day who are you most likely to go to : anyone available for me. sometimes i keep it by myself =)
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : Quiet~
Are you confident : depends... basically, yes

5 things I was doing 10 years ago.
1. i was in form two
2. participated in SEA games
3. abis ugama kali udh... ermmmm
4. i went to KL with my mulah nini laki n bini (Mom's side)
5. kweng kweng kweng

5 things on my to-do list today.
1. Call Joejen Saloon for my mom's appointment
2. Call Excapade to book a room for sungkai esuk
3. Do documentation for short and long term QMS system
4. buy chocolate cake (craving.... nyum nyum nyum)
5. bali minyak kereta

5 snacks i enjoy.

5 things i would do if i were a billionaire.
1. buka petrol station!
2. sedakah~
3. bali aeroplane and hotel~
4. Travelling~ around the world including perform Haj
5. invest money hehe

5 of my bad habits.
1. lazy...
2. malas...
3. ...
4. ...
5. =)

5 places i have lived in.
1. ermmmm...
2. uhhhhh...
3. ahhhh...
4. errrr....
5. still at Gadong

5 jobs i've had.

5 peoples i tag.
1. Mymy
2. Mel
3. Luffy
4. Dini
5. Taib

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bowling~ Bowling~

MyMy and I

I went out to Utama bowling with mymy's cousins and colleagues yesterday after Ain's BBQ...
siuk bnr~
P/s: sorry i cant come for sungkai with u mya...
next time inyaAllah, sama with other babes lagi...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sungkai @ Deli Nutrish with JPPE staffs

Wana & Khate

Sal, Dean D, Dean B, Jan, Diman & Fakrun

Ladies: Tini, Me!, Wana, Fatin, Kaka C Fizah & Fizah

thanks to JPPE staffs' for your treat...
Love, Attachment students and new JPPE staffs hehe =)


Happy Birthday to Amal a.k.a Amil... =)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sungkai @ Taurean Part II

Picture taken by: Muixxer, Hadi & Mariah

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sungkai at Taurean D Arch with Group 4...

love them! *hugs*

Unique Amal & MuiXXer


Adib C3

i miss; group 4 *hugs*
bah next time lagi ya... =') last night was so much fun...


Hey, Happy Belated Birthday to...

Taib on September 1st

Hadi a.k.a Da Baron on September 11th

and to Amal Zana on September 5th...